Aims for New-Business-Participation to the Aerospace Market
Made by Niigata-Meisters
Niigata Aerospace x Niigata-Meister

NAC: Pioneer of Consistent Production Processes for the Japanese Aviation Industry

NAC continues to confront the structural difficulties, pursue challenges,
and believe in the brighter future.
NAC thinks that this achievement is linked to flight safety and
economic growth, especially in the aviation market.

Further Value Enhancement by NIIGATA-MEISTERS

Expansion in the aviation industry using the highly-advanced-craftsmanship of
renowned metalwork from Niigata.

Supply Chain and Quality Assurance

As a responsible supplier, NAC’s aggregate QMS eliminates the inefficiencies of the conventional supply chain’s complicated ordering systems.

Marketing Strategy

NAC collaborates with Niigata City and participates in a variety of international and regional exhibits to search for new business opportunities. Through this, NAC is expanding its clientele overseas.

Production Control and Process Design

NAC takes the initiative in the management of all manufacturing processes.


NAC collaborates with university research teams to introduce the latest innovations and advancements in production methods.