From Niigata to a World of Unlimited Potential

Boundless skies
Realizing limitless possibilities
Aiming to become a rising force in regional jet and business jet aircrafts
in these times of rapid change.
In an age when innovation is in demand across various industries, NAC integrates
the superior “Niigata-Meister” craftsmanship which is deeply rooted in local industries.
NAC is the first in Japan to establish a cluster of small and medium-sized enterprises
for the purpose of manufacturing excellent quality precision parts
to actualize a world of possibilities.

From Supply Chain to Industry Cluster

NAC’s role is to manage Quality Management Systems (QMS) based on
AS/EN/JIS Q 9100 specifications for consistent production processes at the following companies,
among others, which leads to activation in business and industry.

Conventional Supply Chain

Conventional Supply Chain

(Aerospace Supply Chain Renovation)

Consistent-Production-Processes (Aerospace Supply Chain Renovation)

Sado Seimitsu

Kakizaki Machinery inc.

Niigata Metallikon Industries